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Submission Guidelines for AfroFuturism: Dream Tank 2018

  1. We have limited capacity and cannot feature all submissions.

  2. We read ALL the submissions that are sent to us. Because of the high volume of submissions we receive we do not respond back to submissions unless we are interested in curating your content for a specific event. THERE IS NO NEED TO SEND MULTIPLE FOLLOW UP EMAILS ON YOUR SUBMISSION. We will contact YOU if and when we are ready to feature you.   

  3. We have met many of our featured artists through social media ( we have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account). Using #DreamTank2018 on your posts is a surefire way of getting our attention to possibly be a feature or invited to submit a proposal.

  4. Please remember, we are a small but dedicated staff of individuals that are interested in what you have to share. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with AfroFuturism before sending us your submission.

  5. Full Name

  6. Website ( or online portfolio)  

  7. Location

  8. Contact Email

  9. 1-2 Images of your work. Please do not send us more (so please pick out your best work)

  10. Digital images (JPEG, TIFF, or PDF)

  11. Image title, date, medium, and dimensions of each work

  12. Artist CV

  13. Artist statement

  14. Original hard copy of artwork is NOT accepted!

  15. All travel and accommodations are on your own. 

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