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I am because we are and becuase we are, therefore I am. ----------------- Where do we go from here?

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More about the origins and applications of Futurism and Afrofuturism.

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Share your Afrofuturistic visions for the future. This an appreciative inquiry designed for us to cocreate our destiny.

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Ravdom News, Art, Events, etc.

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What, Why, Who, When, Where and...

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Details and updates related to In Real Life and Virtual 619 Afrofuturist Summits.

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Afrofuturism Summit in Kuumba Fest 2018 with keynote address by Dr. LW Firyali Richmond and panel discussions.

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  • lawanarichmond
    Jul 24, 2018

    As long as cisgendered male whiteness is considered the norm in science fiction and all others are "other", science fiction will fail to realize its potential as an egalitarian space that promotes improved human relations. Yes, I grew up on Star Trek , Heinlein , " Up With People ", and "I'm Ok, You're Okay." Speaking of Star Trek, I'm LOVING Discovery. Looking forward to the next season. But I digress. This article from The New Republic highlights some of the negative responses today and 50 years ago in relation African Americans and other non-white, non-binary content creators. We can do better folks.
  • lawanarichmond
    Feb 28, 2018

    The panel members Queen Mother Makeda Dread, Executive Director of Worldbeat Cultural Center, Dr. Willie Blair, President of California BAPAC, and Rev. Shane Harris, President of San Diego Chaoter of National Action Network engaged in lively discussion that included definitions, examples, barriers, and bridges to increasing trust and recpect in our community facillitated by Qamar Bradford, Counselor with California State Department of Rehabilitation.
  • lawanarichmond
    Feb 28, 2018

    This interactive keynote address touched on definitions of Afrofuturism, referenced the Black Pantger film and Wakanda, and challenged the audience to engage in creativity, critical thinking, strategic planning and deliberate action within the framework of Afrofuturism for the good of our community and generations to come.