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About Dr. LaWana: 

"I develop and implement frameworks, systems, and tools to support engagement, learning, and innovation."


Customer Testimonial:

Dr Richmond, thanks again for your time today, i appreciate your insights very much. Best wishes, -dani

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About  Dr. LaWana Richmond

Leading with Heart

"I create frameworks, systems, and tools to support engagement, learning, and innovation.

My research focus is employee engagement within the context of strategic planning, collaboration, and innovation. 

I have worked since 2005 at the University of California, San Diego where my responsibilities have ranged from extramural funds accounting to business systems analysis with a current focus on organizational development. Shortly after completing my doctorate in 2015, I began also teaching doctoral students and eventually undergraduate students at UCSD. 

Much of what I do and how I live align with Ubuntu theory and the principle of Sankofa. Ubuntu theory says,  I am because we are and because we are, therefore I am. Sankofa reminds us of the need to search through the groves of the past and to bring back its lessons, principles and stories as seeds for the future.

Combined, these concepts guide me to be mindful and take care to include context and impact in decisions, behaviors, and actions. 

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